How Much To Tip Your Hairdresser

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A gratuity is a sum of money given to an employee by a client. This is on top of the basic price. And is generally known as a tip. When you pay regular visits to your hair salon you may be a little unsure of the tipping etiquette. Find out how much to tip your hairdresser here…

Tipping Advice

Do you tip your hairdresser? The answer is yes. What is the usual tip? The amount you give is all about the appreciation. 10% to 20% of the total bill is a reasonable amount. But anything from 15% is quite normal.

You can tip everyone separately from the person who shampoos and washes your hair to the stylist who cuts, colours, and blow-dries. You can even tip the owner of the salon if you wish – but it isn’t a requirement. And if you’re unsure simply ask.

You should consider increasing your tip if:

  • You’re late
  • You were able to get a last-minute appointment
  • Your styling has added extras such as a massage
  • You really like your stylist
  • You get top-quality hair care


How do Tips Help?

Commission-based salons need to pay their employees for the services they deliver. This is usually about 40% to 60% of the price. The rest of the money will allow the salon to pay utility bills. And go towards the purchase of products, and client and staff amenities.

Licensing fees, training, personal supplies, and tools are all needed to make a salon successful. Tips help to pay for sick days, holidays, and medical care for staff working in smaller units. They can also be used to supplement additional courses for stylists to become masters of their trade.

In some larger salons a tip-pool is operated. This ensures that whatever tips are made are evenly distributed to all assistants at the end of business. When there are as many as ten people attending to you it can be daunting as to who to tip and how much. This method means you can pay one tip knowing it will be shared fairly.

Freelance stylists can rent space in salons for a weekly or monthly fee. This means the stylist will keep all of the service fee. But out of that has to come liability insurance and credit card charges. As well as all the tools, equipment, and products needed. Tipping can be really important here as these stylists have all the same expenses as a salon owner without income from other stylists.

Mobile hairdressers benefit from not having any overhead fees.

However, there are still many expenses incurred such as:

  • Administration costs
  • Subscription to the Hairdresser Federation or Hairdressing Council
  • Business telephone calls
  • Insurance and training
  • Clothes
  • Materials and equipment
  • Travelling

Tipping your hairdresser goes towards building a really strong relationship. And it should never affect the quality of hair care from your professional stylist. But it can give you a show of appreciation when you need it.

Salon Requests

To get good hair styling you need to sit in the chair in the right position. In order to stay sitting upright and facing forward you shouldn’t:

  • Make or take calls on your mobile
  • Read a magazine or tablet

Also remember to:

  • Be a little early for your appointment
  • Don’t cancel at the last minute
  • Don’t go to the salon if you’re unwell
  • Pay by cash as tipping with a credit or debit card is harder to allocate

Your Personal Stylist

You’ve found a stylist that gives you a caring and considerate service. And understands your needs. You may also want to give a gift during festive seasons which would be happily accepted. You could consider store-bought or hand-made items to show your appreciation.