Non Surgical Hair Replacement Pros and Cons

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Hair salons specialising in hair loss solutions are on the increase. Whatever the reason for damaged, thinning, or hair shedding, you’ll be offered an explanation. And a result.

Get a free and confidential consultation with an understanding and caring professional. And an opportunity to relieve the anxiety and harming of self-confidence that hair loss brings. See non-surgical hair replacement pros and cons here…

The Advantages

  • There are few risks or potential complications from non-surgical hair replacement
  • Technically advanced materials ensure your system is undetectable and blends in with your natural hair
  • Human hair will be ethically sourced before being gently processed
  • You can wear your hair in any style
  • You’ll be able to swim, shower, and sleep perfectly normally
  • Hair systems are light and comfortable and not at all itchy
  • Systems offer protection against the elements
  • You’ll see immediate results from this quick solution without surgery

The Drawbacks

  • You’ll have to live with the fear of discovery, although high quality systems are barely detectable
  • You’ll need to keep the system well-maintained in order for it to stay undetected
  • You may have to have your head shaved completely for a perfect fit
  • In rare cases the bonding may become loose or break down
  • Regular hygiene must be carried out to avoid bacterial growth and unpleasant smells
  • Long term costs may be prohibitive

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Find Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is non-surgical hair replacement ?

A good hair replacement system can help with extensive hair loss issues and other scalp deformities. All bespoke systems can be designed to suit hairstyles, colours, and densities.

After a consultation your system will be customised to suit your needs. All custom handmade systems will be produced using foundation bases and hair donors compatible to your scalp.

Hair systems will be attached using medical grade tapes or adhesives depending on your lifestyle.

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How long does non-surgical hair replacement last ?

Individual hair replacement systems will last up to 12 months depending on the type. And how often you visit your salon for styling and maintenance will also make a difference. Systems have been known to last for three years when well-cared for.

It’s recommended that your system stays on your head for three to four weeks. This is a matter of choice – you may want a more frequent service to keep things fresh and clean. Or you may be quite happy to leave it for longer.

Is non-surgical hair replacement worth it ?

The cost of a hair replacement system will vary dependant on the hair type, material, and density and texture needed. Prices range from £550 to £1,500. And you may want to buy an identical spare to wear whilst your main system is being cleaned or repaired.

However, as hair loss can be traumatic, and be caused by so many reasons the
procedure is most definitely worth considering. Take a look at other non-surgical options:

  • Hair extensions – fused, micro-linked, sew-in, weft, or clip-on options available
  • Wigs – choose from natural or synthetic hair in a whole range of colours and styles
  • Rogaine – the trade name for Minoxidil proven to halt hair loss in 80% of cases
  • Laser technology – laser hair combs or helmets can be applied for 10 minutes a day,
    three times a week